Nurtured in the mind since the 90's and born into reality in early 2005, Reef Entertainment is based in new offices near the city of Milton Keynes. Established as a UK based computer games publishing company, Reef was originally set up as a UK based independent studio-style organisation, not owned by or connected to any other major entertainment group, to provide Developers and Content Owners with a distinct and alternate route to markets worldwide.


In September 2010 Creative Distirbution Ltd bought the majority share of reef and with it bought a wealth of support in all areas of sales and distribution. Creative although still seperate from Reef Entertainment in the day to day running has allowed Reef to grow to a new level pf publishing with its support and investment.


Our Vision

Is to make Reef a company that is known for its professionalism, honesty and integrity and which people remember with a smile.


Reef aims to be seen as a company that is working on behalf of all involved, building a relaxed and trusting environment which can be consistently relied upon – Reef aims....high!


We endeavour to make Reef a significant worldwide publishing name through the products we promote and sell, working with Developers and IP holders whose products are innovative (not necessarily mainstream), but who need a tailored solution to take them to end users and want to move away from more corporate practices.


Reef Entertainment

Unit 2, 119 Beddington Lane



United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 208 664 3485

Fax: +44 (0) 208 664 8848

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Commercial Director

Craig Lewis

Tel: +44 (0) 208 664 3481

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General Manager (Sales + Marketing)

Will Curley

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Community Manager, PR & Marketing Assistant

Jas S Marwaha

Tel: +44 (0) 208 664 3491

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Business Development Manager

Kevin Young

Tel: +44 (0) 208 664 3457

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Nordic Sales

Steffan Eriksen

Tel: +45 76 93 3020

Fax: +45 7027 7650

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Reef Entertainment will take your product to the market place, wherever that market place might be in Europe, North America, South America, Australia and New Zealand, the Pacific Rim, India, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan – all become, where applicable, available to you through Reef Entertainment Ltd.


As the Developer you have probably worked long and hard to create your latest game and to you it is the one thing you want to see being expertly handled by people who have knowledge of the games industry world markets and who have the skills to ensure that the sales, marketing and PR are maximised to the full by whatever means that may be.


To ensure that Reef Entertainment can deliver all it says it can, we need to evaluate all products offered to us. Therefore, please forward your new game to


Attn: Product Submissions

Reef Entertainment Ltd.

Regus House

Fairbourne Drive


Milton Keynes

MK10 9RG

United Kingdom


We will endeavour to treat your submission with the respect justly deserved of a game that has been the life and soul of your development house for so long. We will try, everything considered, to get some feedback to you within 7 working days of receiving your submission – if we do not please feel free to contact us at: or phone on +44 (0)1908 487 587


Please include with your submission the following information regarding the Product:


Covering Letter – including studio profile

Competitive Analysis – of game being offered

Target consumer demographics

Project description – game category – graphic look and style – number players – online capabilities –

what makes this game unique – what is innovative about the script, plot, genre.

Evaluation artwork materials – box design – manual

Game for evaluation

Localisation – English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch

Date GM will be available

Suitability for other formats.


After we have evaluated your product and come back to you and a deal has been struck between you and Reef Entertainment we then need to lay down the plan for taking the product to market.


A PR and Marketing Plan with regard to all territories involved, will be put together jointly by you and Reef Entertainment to ensure the correct target audience is hit and that resources are not wasted.


The time of year needs to be taken into account – there are six months of the year when all major sales to consumers take place – September to February – unless our timing for the launch of your product is precise we risk getting caught in pre-Christmas frenzy or a summer when sales are at a low – unless of course we have a wet summer – then who knows what will happen!


Unless we have one of the AAA titles that will be top ten material over the Christmas period – we have to be realistic and target the times that will not be overcrowded by product and when there will be a dearth of releases – these periods fall in 2 categories – February through to April and end August through to October – these time periods relating roughly to just before or just after the 5 million euro marketing budgets are spent for the years blockbusters – sometimes though, dependant upon genre and seasonal fluctuations, this timescale may be changed to suit the product.